adieu cliché that your photographer is a stranger 

As a matter of fact, I think for great photography quite the opposite is true. Please familiarize yourself with my style of work and ask yourself if that is what you envision for your photographs. It won't be a good experience for you OR for me, if we are not on the same page about what we want to create. If time and location permits I gladly meet up for a coffee, or do a video call to talk about our session together. I want you to be able to freely ask me any question you may have on your mind. If I feel that what you are looking for is not what I provide, than I gladly refer you to a different photographer.  Let's become friends - good images start from a place of mutual understanding. 



adieu cliché that you have to run and buy a fancy outfit

When it comes to choosing the location and the outfit for the session, I want it to be as personal as can be. 



adieu cliché that a photography session is a stiff and stressful occasion

Lifestyle photography is a very mellow. There won't be any stiff poses and forced smiles. I may give you a few directions if you feel more comfortable with that, but otherwise I just let you do you! We will shoot in the comfort of your own home or at a place that means something to you.