He is more myself than I am.
Whatever our souls are made of,
his and mine are the same
— E. Bronte


The love for you have for each other is as deeply individual, as it is beautiful. 

The love you have for your partner manifests itself in the tiny details. the way you hold hands, the way you laugh together, the way you brush the hair out of your lovers face. I'm not here to put you into a stiff pose and say "smile". I'm here to witness the true admiration you have for each other and to put that honesty into a photograph. We can make your session as intimate or as mellow as you wish, but i will try to make it always as comfortable as i can. You can invite me into your home, or we can go out exploring.

my wedding photography is a full day, documentary style covery. I mix in with the guests and try to preserve all the precious, little moments of your big day.