What are you Planning to do with your

one wild and precious life?



I want to travel and experience the fullness of life the world has to offer. 

I want a house that is a warm home for my family and a place of togetherness for the people I enjoy. 

I want to welcome the ebb & flow that is life with gratitude and an open heart. 



I grew up in a small town in Bavaria, the southern part of Germany. It is full of lush forests and rolling hills there.

In my mid-twenties I followed my heart and married this kind hearted guy with a passion for life from California.

Since then we live a traveling life, moving where his job sends us.

From Germany, to Seattle, back to Germany, to Texas and countless countries traveled in between.

Our life has been forever changed and immeasurably enriched by the welcoming of our daughter Smilla Margarete and our son Winter Johann. 

Together, we try to live a creative, happy life, making life a journey about being rather than having. 



I want to make my narrative a good one.

And I want to inspire others to live a better story, too. 

A simpler, slower, kinder life. 


My Writing 

I realized that the constant content creation of your average "successful" blog is not for me.

when i feel kissed by the muse i like to write down my thoughts, without rules and constraints.

On my blog  you can find pieces about lving more mindfully and finding inspiration in the small things. 

About Exploring the danish concept of Hygge.

About Motherhood.

and other daily musings.



I want to grow my tribe.

I want to experience the simple moments fully & wholeheartedly, 

as they are the ones that make up our lives.



In the summer of 2014 i decided on a whim to buy a semi-pro camera and start shooting. two months later, I owned my first registered photography business.  I am still not sure how i had the confidence and gut to do that. Life is Wonderfully surprising like that.

today I focus on natural light lifestyle photography.

My work is simple and honest.

I want to photograph People that appreciate a different sort of photograph. modern, unconventional and full of life. 

Mostly, I want to preserve THIS FRAGILE LIFE, that passes us by so quickly.

If  you look back on these photographs and you FEEL rather than just SEE, than I've DONE MY JOB RIGHT. 




I want to drink good coffee // read more nordic noir // marvel at good design // smell the pine trees // stroll farmers markets // disappear in a wool blanket // meet interesting people // surround myself with flowers // eat real food // let Bon Iver's & Marcus Mumford's voice carry me away // and be ok