MINIMALIST WARDRBE: My favorite eco brands for gorgeous basics.

A list of sustainable and eco-friendly brands to cover all your basic fashion needs. Minimalist wardrobe inspiration on

This is not a sponsored post, just me sharing a few brands with you, that do a thing or two better than other fashion brands. I have ordered from some of these company's and really loved the quality and feel. Other's I put on my personal list of resources for whenever I need to add a basic item to my wardrobe. Here we go:

Everlane puts emphasis on transparency and shows the company and suppliers, where each item is made. It has been ranked #24 in the World's most innovative company's of 2016, according to Fast Company's list. I love the simple, modern basics, that come reasonably priced. 

People Tree was the first brand to integrate a farm to final product supply chain for organic cotton. The company shows a lot of transparency is committed to the World Fair Trade organization standards. It's a great source for pretty dresses, fancy trousers and nice jumpers.

American Apparel is made in the U.S. and the company is completely vertically integrated, meaning they own their whole supply chain. Their worker's receive fairly good bonuses for the fashion industry. The company has gotten a bit of a bad rep in the past, due to poor management, but has been working on its issues since the break-up. I think, they are still trying a lot harder to get things right, than other brands. 

ASOS Green Room "Eco Edit" . I'm sure most of you are familiar with ASOS. Under the "Eco Edit" section you can find reclaimed vintage pieces, as well as sustainable produced fashion. 

Alternative Apparel is accredited both with the Fair Labor Association, as well as with Worldwide Accredited Responsible Production. About 2/3 of their clothes are made from sustainable materials and they have a relatively transparent supply chain. Also, their clothes are super soft, super long-lasting and super comfortable. 

Pact has you covered with your favorite organic cotton basics from leggings, to briefs, to tanks. The good news for me is, that their leggings work for tall ladies like me.

Braintree has beautiful clothes made 100% out of hemp, bamboo or organic cotton. 

Slumlove Sweater Company, makes, wonderful sweaters. But it doesn't stop there. All their beautiful designs are made in Nairobi out of (mostly) organic materials. They pride themselves with treating their workers fair and on top of that give a portion of each sale to project giving scholarships to children living in one of the world's greatest slum. 

Looking for that tomboy vibe? Tradlands has you covered. American made, great shirts/blouses with the guarantee that they are built to last. The fabric designs are gorgeous, too. 

Industry of all nations sells fair basics, alpaca sweaters and shoes. 

Bridge and Burn is designed and produced in Portland Oregon. Aside from being made in the U.S., they give back through several charity projects in and around Portland. 

Foremost is a brand for american made tees, sweats and shirts. Very clean cut, very cool pieces. 

Lillika Eden is an independant German label, that produces 100% fair and 100% organic. I think their pieces are absolutely beautiful. 

Consequent is another small German label, that could be interesting if you live in Germany and surrounding countries. There webpage is rather unfortunate and lacks design, but their pieces are gorgeous and of really high quality. How do I know this? I live 40 minutes from their outlet store, where they sell off last year's pieces. If you live in the Kaiserlautern area, you should pay them a visit.

Now, I understand that these are just a few examples of company's that are trying. In the future, I will definitely share my go-to brands for shoes, underwear, denim and so forth. Today, my goal was to simply inspire you with a few of my personal favorites. Feel free to share yours in the comment section below. I love adding on to my list.