Simple, homemade dry shampoo recipe

diy dry shampoo

Most mornings I feel fine waking up. That is until I look into the mirror and discover that my hair has completely lost its freshness over night. Ever since having babies my hair has gotten a lot greasier, a lot faster. Yuck. However, I refuse to wash it daily. 

In the midst of banning all harsh chemicals from my bathroom, I also got rid of my store bought dry shampoo.  I tried several DIY dry shampoo recipes that I had found on pinterest and finally stuck with this one. 

It is very easy, doesn't need a lot of ingredients and you can add whichever scent you please. Best thing - it works! I apply it with an old make-up brush, but am keeping my eyes open for a good dispenser bottle. 

3 tbsp arrow root powder (or cornstarch)

2 tbsp baking soda (adjust amount depending on how greasy your hair gets)

1,5 tbsp cocoa powder (for dark hair. Lovely, it smells so nice. Feel free to add a dab of cinnamon for a really sweet, warm, scent)

2-5 drops essential oil (lavender smells nice and is calming for your scalp. So does rosemary if you are more into a fresher scent. Right now, I love me some ylang ylang or rose geranium) 

Mix all the ingredients well. Apply to roots and bangs. Let sit for a few minutes, then brush out.