Eva-Maria Smith

Eva-Maria Smith is the writer and photographer behind "House of Smilla".

In her home she's working on embracing the concept of "hygge", becoming minimalist and generating happiness. She strives to live more mindfully and find inspiration in the small things.

Her story is one about slowing down, kind mothering, simple homemaking and embracing nature. It is a journey, a learning experience.

Here she writes about that journey, as well as introducing ethical brands and sharing coffee shops she discovers during my travels.  

Her wonderful and protected childhood in rural Bavaria (Germany), long-lasting friendships, countless travels, moving to Seattle with only a few suitcases to marry her man, discovering her love for photography, becoming a mother and every step along the way has made her the person that she is today. 

Eva has a soft spot for nordic noir, red wine, hot baths and pine trees.  

Currently, she lives with her husband, Truman, daughter Smilla, and son Winter in Del Rio, Texas.